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Warranty Information

  • Warranty policy

  • Warranty procedure

  • 1. SMOK offers a quality guarantee period of SIX months from date of purchase ('Warranty Period').
  • 2. This warranty does not cover personal items or consumable goods and attachments. Atomizers, tanks, drip tips, pod and e-liquid are not covered under warranty.
  • 3. This warranty is invalid as result of any of following conditions:
    (a).Customer doesn't provide batch No. and original receipt and package of purchase.
    (b).Merchandise failure or damage is caused due to unauthorized repair.
    (c).Merchandise failure or damage is caused due to misuse or improper care from consumers.
    (d).Merchandise inspected to be a counterfeit.
  • 4. Within Warranty Period, we provide free-of-charge replacement of manufacturing defect which has been verified by SMOK. Please keep your purchase of proof and the verification code well in case of needing warranty service.